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Precision Enterprises Inc. provides the best driveway sealcoating , driveway paving, parking lots, pothole repairs, crack filling, line striping and more residential and commercial sealant services. Our company has been helping residents of Long Island, NY sealcoat, repair and cure their driveways. Our Pavement sealers are applied with pressurized spray equipment and squeegeed into the surface to even out the sealant cross the asphalt. The process is typically a two coat application which requires 24 to 48 hours of curing before any vehicles can touch the surface. We are a renowned asphalt sealing company in Suffolk County, New York and we will continue our success through our dedicated services and impeccable results.


Multiple Sealcoating Solutions Including Velvetop


We have years of experience in different disciplines of driveway seal coating techniques. From plain asphalt based sealing to velvetop seal coating, we can provide you with multiple asphalt sealing solutions for your home driveway or parking lot. Velevetop has become one our most popular applications because of its content which help provide a longer and more durable seal on your asphalt. We have highly experienced and professional staff that will provide the best sealcoat services for your residential or commercial project.


Why you should sealcoat your asphalt


You may be asking yourself why should I invest in seal coating? Because it is exactly that. An investment. Sealcoating costs significantly less per square foot compared to cost you would be spending to repair or replace damaged asphalt. When moisture enters the asphalt, it accelerates its deterioration and causes heavy asphalt distress.


There are many other benefits to sealcoating your asphalt. By sealcoating your driveway or parking lot, it will seal the small cracks that may expand into larger ones over time. Small and large cracks can lead to water seeping down into the main base material. When full sealed the asphalt will be preserved and will help hide the small cracks, patches and any other rough spots. For commercial projects such as parking lots applying a new sealcoat will make traffic lines and parking spots much more visible.


With a newly applied sealcoat, your asphalt will have a rich dark black texture and will improve the appearance of both new and old asphalt to make it seem brand new. Its called sealcoat for a reason. The asphalt will be a fully non-porous surface that will help dirt and debris wash away easily while not letting chemicals like oil and gas seep into the asphalt. In addition sealcoat can be superb to have during the winter months as it prevents water from seeping into your asphalt and freezing, causing cracks and holes.

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