Landscape Design

Precision Landscape design is comprised of a small team of residential landscape designers & home contractors that work in harmony to create one of a kind landscape designs. We have a strict process in which we have found to be a successful formula for completing top quality landscape design and construction. First we go into concept design and development, landscape, water features. The the team will be evaluating the irrigation, drainage, layout, elevation and different sections of your space. We address the needed building permits then move on the other features such as lighting, plant selection, construction, and landscape maintenance.

Landscaping Maintenance

Precision Enterprise Inc will help clients select, install and manage the health of their trees, shrubs and flower beds throughseasonal landscape maintenance services such as subsurface watering of trees, Lawn maintenance, trimming, cleanups, fertilizing, mulch, rocks, aerating, seeding and snow removal.

Masonry Contractors

Precision Enterprise provides a large array of Masonry services to Suffolk County and the rest of Long Island, New York. We specialize in new construction, remodeling, restoration, alterations, indoor and outdoor, Structural walls and foundations, Privacy walls, retaining walls, stone veneering and facades. We love doing any stone, block, brick, or concrete work on your home. Other residential masonry services we offer include steps, patios, paved pathways and driveways, stone entryways, fireplaces, and rumford boxes.



Precision Enterprises Inc. provides the best driveway sealcoating , driveway paving, parking lots, pothole repairs, crack filling, line striping and more residential and commercial sealant services. Our company has been helping residents of Long Island, NY sealcoat, repair and cure their driveways. Our Pavement sealers are applied with pressurized spray equipment and squeegeed into the surface to even out the sealant cross the asphalt. We are a renowned asphalt sealing company in Suffolk County, New York and we will continue our success through our dedicated services and impeccable results.



Spring Clean Up

Removal of Leaves , Blowing of grass and picking up sticks, Edging beds, Cutting back annuals and perennials *Thatching optional- additional starting at $120 and up


Thatching Removes dead grass, removes dead grass from lawn. Allows soil to be exposed to nutrients, oxygen, and water. (starting at $125 and up)


Helps new seed growth, helps nutrients and water get into root system, and promotes a stronger root system. (starting at $150 and up)

Lawn Maintenance (May 1st-October 31st)

Every week, mowing of lawn, edging, walkway, curbs, etc., $30 and up, per week *Flowerbeds is an additional starting at $30 and up


Red, Black, or Brown $60 per yard, covers 10’x10’ area, includes edging *Weeding beds is an additional $25-60


Varies on amount of plants, starting $75 and up Fall Clean Up (Thanksgiving-Winter) Same as Spring- does NOT include bed edging

Seal Coating

Sealant of driveway, prevents cracks and gives driveway sleek black look. Four cars bumper to bumper starting at $125 Six cars bumper to bumper starting at $150 Eight cars bumper to bumper starting at $175 *cracks are additional

Top Soil

$50 per yard, covers 10’x10’ area

Seeding (August-October)

Includes starting fertilizer and aeration- 3 inch holes into soil for seed to penetrate the soil.